Initially had be desire to be same part on Burkina Faso to show the project Yours Truly to the people it was made about. This event enable at the same time to show a documentary work of stills photos in the selfsame districts where the children were photographed.
Sogo faga yörö is made up of 210 photographs done at the slaughter-houses of Bobo Dioulasso and which illustrate the daily life of people working here. The movement and the light from dawn to dusk.
photography Frédérique Lagny, assistant Boureima Traoré, editor assistant Didier Mine, production Frédérique Lagny, co-production Charleroi-danses, Belgique, with the support of the Cultural French Center Henri Matisse, Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso.
sogo faga yörö